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An elegant loft appointed with retail finds from around the world? If we can’t move into DL Home & Garden, we’ll settle for shopping there. Our team at reDESIGNed encourages you to check it out. Opened early this year, DL Home is a fresh new retail space for design lovers. In this refined, renovated loft — three floors high! — you’ll find furniture, lighting, accessories, rugs, and a trove of other gems that you’ll rarely stumble across in Rochester. Owner Bob Bressinger sources items from around the globe to curate the cream of the industry crop. While the first floor is dedicated to retail space, the higher floors are “to-the-trade,” meaning you’ll need us to accompany you. Trust us, it’s no bother; we love going there. Check out DL Home and Garden on Facebook and give us a call to arrange a sojourn that will change the way you think about design resources in Rochester.

Local home staging

A “springscape” at DL Home & Garden