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Decorating. Staging. Living.

Our Story

Tracey Deitz has been an interior designer and home staging for over 15 years and really for much of her life. Tracey’s mother recalls many days when Tracey arrived home from school and would go immediately upstairs to her room with a big smile on her face. She would hear a lot of loud commotion coming from her room. She would go upstairs and peek into Tracey’s room and stare in amazement as her 6 year old daughter had just transformed her room into a new palace… once again!

reDESIGNed was created with Tracey’s passion from when she was that little girl and to this day with her belief in transformation of a space! reDESIGNed has staged over $35 million in homes throughout the years and Tracey Deitz’s design has been featured on the cover of Rochester Magazine in 2013 & the D & C Living section while winning numerous design awards throughout the years.

reDESIGNed is about adding value clients lives and transforming living spaces around the world!