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One of the hottest home stage design trends in floors right now is the chevron pattern. Or is it herringbone? Even we’ve got a “bone” to pick with their similarities! Both are geometrical patterns, created by laying wood slats of equal sizes into a zig-zag pattern. Here’s the difference: with chevron, the wood plank edges are cut at an angle to form a clean V. With herringbone, the wood planks are cut on a rectangular edge and the ends are staggered slightly so that one plank end meets the side of the next, creating a jagged V. This article on Houzz sums it up nicely, too. Both styles date back to the 1500s…in other words, they’re here to stay. Now you can impress your friends at cocktail parties, especially if they’re taking place on your chevron or herringbone floor! Consider one of these patterns for your next redesign and for more inspiration, check our Pinterest page.

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Left: Daybed with chevron floor courtesy Door Sixteen. Center: Chevron on the left, Herringbone on the right – courtesy Decor Pad. Right: Bathtub with herringbone floor courtesy Decor Pad.