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“Staging” a home means creating an appealing, cozy but neutral space that will allow buyers to see the potential of your home. Naturally, it’s difficult to look at your own home objectively; it’s yours, after all. Here’s where a design team with expertise in home staging comes in.

Home staging a vacant space helps people visualize how their own furnishings can fit into space; and makes it warm and inviting. It also helps show off the rich potential of a spacious living room–one that, if not furnished properly, can seem awkward and intimidating.

home staging services

Before and After

home staging

Before and After

Other tips:

Get rid of clutter. Pack up your knickknacks, magazines, electronics, toiletries, etc. You want buyers to focus on your home, not on your stuff.

Remove personal items from view. Your family’s photos and cherished mementos are a distraction for potential buyers–who don’t want to feel as though they’re in someone else’s space.

Accessorize lightly. Cookbooks and a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter; real or silk flowers on the dining room table; fluffy towels and attractive soaps in the bathroom.

Soften and smooth. Paint any rooms whose walls are in bad shape or have strong, “polarizing” colors. A buyer might find your red dining room and the purple in your teen’s bedroom a real turnoff.

Go green. A few potted houseplants can soften a room and make it feel friendly and fresh.